Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight. ~ Rumi

I delight in my beautiful son and my lovely husband.

I delight in playing bass with and for friends.

I delight in the hummingbirds that visit us all summer.

I delight in the 70 year old, bus driving bassist at the 2014 VSOSofM Summer Jazz Workshop who took a week off work to come and play jazz with others.

I delight in a hot bowl of Pho on a rainy fall afternoon.

I delight in the smiling 2 month old baby and her mother who celebrate life through song at my Wednesday morning Music with Miss Jodi class.

I delight in writing songs on our old Bechstein piano.

I delight in witnessing the musical journeys of my students.

I delight in my mother who, even as she is struggling with the realities of  late stage, early-onset dementia, will immediately start to sing and dance whenever my son and I break into one of our crazy, impromptu vocal improvisations.

I delight in creating with lines, color and words.

I delight in watching my father care for my mother with generosity, love and tenderness - the best part of him emerging through the heartbreak of it all.

I delight in the ever changing sky.

I delight in the deep courage of my siblings and dear friends.

I delight in sitting by the waters edge.

I delight in my journals, my CD collection, my books, my strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning, my ridiculously comfortable bed (buy a good mattress, best purchase ever), my daily yoga and meditation practice and my  bathtub filled with hot water, essential oil and sea salt.

I delight in this sensual life full of music, beauty and wonder.

Wishing you a delightful day.

~ J