"But in fact, every song from the band was celebratory – of jazz’s rhythmic sureness and lyricism, and of the coming together of like minds."

~ Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

The award-winning Jodi Proznick Quartet is a fresh, intense, swinging and highly interactive group led by bassist Jodi Proznick, who has shared the stage with international stars such as George Coleman, Ed Thigpen, David Fathead Newman, Charles McPherson, Seamus Blake, Eddie Daniels, Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy. Joining Jodi are three of Canada’s greatest musical talents: Tilden Webb on piano, Steve Kaldestad on tenor saxophone and Jesse Cahill on drums. The repertoire includes originals by the band members as well as new interpretations of compositions by some of the great composers of our time, including Duke Ellington, Joe Henderson, Joni Mitchell and Peter Gabriel.

This group released their debut CD “Foundations” on Cellar Live on 2006 to critical acclaim. It was nominated for a Juno award and was awarded both Album and Acoustic Group of the Year at the National Jazz Awards in 2007.

The quartet has been playing together in various configurations for over 20 years. All members were students at McGill University during the late eighties and early nineties. Tilden and Steve are originally from Regina and played together in high school ensembles. Jodi and Jesse are from the West Coast and also met during their high school years. The decades-long musical and personal connection is why this group is so special.

This band is full of surprises – an eclectic mix of the old and new.

Sun Songs f. Laila Biali (2017)

Best known as a superbly swinging accompanist, Vancouver bassist Jodi Proznick steps out with a moving, highly personal album that demonstrates her composing and songwriting abilities.

~ Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen, Best Canadian Jazz Albums of 2017

Jodi Proznick’s new album Sun Songs invites the listener into a musical experience that explores the depths of and reverence for the dualities of life.

This project is a new venture for Jodi as a composer, bassist, producer, and songwriter, who soon after her album Foundations was nominated for a Juno Award, was faced with two sets of emotionally charged news: first, the immense joy of discovering she was expecting a baby and would enter the brave new world of motherhood, and second the intense sorrow of learning that her mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia.

The title for Sun Songs is a play on words. First, it’s a dedication to her son, and second, the metaphor of life as sunrise and sunset. As if she was standing on the horizon watching two suns simultaneously rise and fall, both lighting up the sky in different ways. These are the polarities explored through each song: birth, death, the learning and unlearning of life, and the emotions that arise in its quieter moments. 

Jodi found herself documenting words, images, and melodies to help process the titanic emotions transpiring through her as the story unfolded. A collection of songs emerged, eight originals and one cover, in a narrative documenting the process of containing these dramatic dualities and emerging more resilient and in tune with the pendulum of life.

In the land where jazz and pop meet, two genres that have always been intrinsically woven together, Sun Songs becomes the template for a new weave. Every track is an exquisite tapestry of modern harmonies and rhythms, layered with memorable melodies and potent lyrics. Featuring her prodigious quartet of Tilden Webb (piano), Jesse Cahill (drums), and Steve Kaldestad (tenor saxophone), Jodi shines an even brighter light on this album with the addition of singer Laila Biali, whose luminous vocals lift the songs to unparalleled heights.

Sun Songs opens with “Listen” and “Beautiful Again”, a song about the miracle of birth, inspired by indigenous author Richard Van Camp’s children’s book “Welcome Song for Baby.” The impeccable “Let Go” follows, a lullaby for her mother, and “Little Bluebird”, which marks the calm before the storm. “Ancient Yearning” pulls from a poem by Vancouver poet, dancer, and scholar Celeste Snowber in which her lines weave with a melody that is primal and revealing. And while songs “Storm” and “3 am” encapsulate moments of panic and worry amidst the struggle of modern-day life, the story weaves back to hope in “So Near, So Far” which reflects on staying connected to loved ones that have passed on. Sun Songs closes with Stephin Merritt’s “The Book of Love,” originally covered by Peter Gabriel, and brings the listener full circle through of a woman’s journey in love.

A stalwart on the Vancouver jazz scene as a performer and educator, Jodi Proznick is undoubtedly the perfect person to bring this work to light. Infinitely talented as a songwriter, producer, and player, she is also a mentor for the next generation of jazz musicians. Sun Songs represents the unbridled potential of every woman’s most powerful contribution – her story. In fact, the album may become a beacon for other artists aspiring to share their own stories with the world. Inside each song, a radiant beauty echoes, and there’s a gateway to the many different ways we can all light up the sky.



Triology is a supergroup of award winning Canadian jazz musicians – Jodi Proznick on bass, Miles Black on piano and Bill Coon on guitar.

They have joined forces to form one of Canada’s finest jazz trios. All three of the members have won numerous accolades over the years including JUNO nominations, National Jazz Awards, Galaxie Rising Star Awards and Western Canadian Music Awards and have shared the stage with jazz stars such as Lewis Nash, George Coleman, David Fathead Newman, Ed Thigpen, Clark Terry, Max Roach and Harry “Sweets” Edison.

Formed in 2008 and fashioned after the great early jazz trios of Nat King Cole and Oscar Peterson, they will be performing wonderful impromptu arrangements of classic standards and original tunes. This is a show you don’t want to miss.

Bill Coon - an amazing and fluid guitarist, originally from Montreal, Bill has over 25 years professional experience. He has worked with many jazz greats, including Jimmy Heath, Eddie Daniels and Dr. Lonnie Smith.

Jodi Proznick - An award winning bassist, Jodi has become one of Canada’s “top call” artists. Jodi leads her own quartet, and is a member of many other amazing jazz ensembles, such as the Tilden Webb Trio and the Oliver Gannon Quartet. Some of the legendary talents she has accompanied: Lewis Nash, George Coleman, David Fathead Newman, Ed Thigpen, Charles McPherson, Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan.

Miles Black - with over 30 years experience, Black is a highly accomplished pianist and composer who has performed worldwide and recorded extensively. Miles has worked with many jazz greats, including Max Roach, Lew Tabackin, Houston Person and Harry “Sweets” Edison.




"The Ostara Project launch: a super group is born. Their recording will be one of the biggest releases of the year"

~ Will Chernoff, Rhythm Changes

For Canadians, the arrival of spring is momentous: the scent of air is fresh and full of possibility as tender green shoots reach up towards the light and the cycle of growth, rebirth, and renewal begins again. It’s an apt theme for a musical collaboration named after Ostara, the Germanic goddess of the spring equinox. The Ostara Project, spear-headed by award-winning jazz musicians Jodi Proznick and Amanda Tosoff of Music Arts Collective, showcases the strength and creativity of Canadian women in jazz. Membership is fluid and what remains constant is that Ostara artists are all top-tier musicians, composers and bandleaders who reflect the geographical, cultural and creative diversity of Canada’s musical landscape.

Ostara’s self-titled debut album (Cellar Live, 2022) features the compositions and talents of seven outstanding musicians who collectively hold nine JUNO nominations and three JUNO awards. This first iteration of Ostara features Joanna Majoko (vocals), Rachel Therrien (trumpet), Allison Au (alto sax), Jocelyn Gould (guitar), Sanah Kadoura (drums) and Tosoff and Proznick on piano and bass, respectively.

Already looking ahead to expand upon this stellar list of musicians, the Ostara Project will embark upon several new projects this fall, including tour dates and a creative residency in Whitehorse, Yukon where each member will explore their musical heritage and identity as a Canadian settler and citizen. These upcoming projects will include new voices, such as Laila Biali and Shruti Ramani, Virginia MacDonald (clarinet), and Valerie Lacombe (drums).

In a genre and industry where women have been severely underrepresented, the Ostara Project is a beautiful example of perseverance, community, and a deep love for the music. New growth rising out of darkness, stretching for new life, propelled by hope. This is the music of Ostara.

For bookings and more info contact: Lisa Buck at OstaraManagement@gmail.com

As a Sidewoman

  • 1998 – Something Personal – The McGill Jazz Orchestra Directed by Gordon Foote
  • 1999 – Realtime – Sienna Dahlen
  • 2002 – Little Temptations  Sienna Dahlen
  • 2003 – Live at the Cellar – Charles McPherson Quartet
  • 2004 – Cellar Groove – Tilden Webb Trio with David Fathead Newman
  • 2005 – The Time Is Now – Joel Haynes Trio
  • 2005 - Live from Lotus Land – Mike Rud
  • 2006 – Run with It – James Danderfer Group
  • 2006 – Cellar Live: The First Five Years - Various Artists (Compilation)
  • 2006 – CBC's Hot Air, Vol. 4 – Various Artists (Compilation)
  • 2007 – Chances Are – Jane Fair
  • 2007 – Feel This – Kia Kadiri
  • 2007 – Contemplation – Christie Grace
  • 2008 – No Boundaries – Bill Coon and Ron Peters
  • 2008 – Transitions – Joel Haynes Trio with Seamus Blake
  • 2008 – Live at the Cellar, Vol. 1 – George Evans
  • 2008 – It's Always You – Luis Geraldo
  • 2009 – Memory Cafe – Steve Maddock
  • 2009 – Fresh – Bria Skonberg
  • 2009 – Low Down, West Broadway – Joe Coughlin
  • 2009 – Rocky Mountain Jazz Compilation  Various Artists (Compilation)
  • 2009 – Too Much to Do – Nick La Riviere
  • 2010 – Sounds of Vancouver 2010: Opening Ceremony Commemorative Album – The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Orchestra
  • 2010 – Sounds of Vancouver 2010: Closing Ceremony Commemorative Album – The 2010 Vancouver Olympic Orchestra
  • 2010 – Blow-Up – Steve Kaldestad Quartet
  • 2010 – Chez Nous: Christmas with Elektra  Elektra Women's Choir
  • 2011 – Just Like That – Cory Weeds with the Tilden Webb Trio
  • 2011 – Down in the Bottom – The Night Crawlers with the Big Band Sound
  • 2011 – Anywhere But Here – Janice Finlay
  • 2012 – JazzSpeak – Ralf Buschmeyer
  • 2012 – Sunalta – Jon McCaslin
  • 2012 – Live at the Cellar – Amanda Tosoff
  • 2013 – Live at Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club – Peter Bernstein with the Tilden Webb Trio
  • 2014 – Change Partners: Live at the Yardbird Suite – Champian Fulton
  • 2014 – Easy Sailing – Oliver Gannon Quartet
  • 2014 – Invitations – Jerrold Dubyk Quintet
  • 2015 – Trio3 YVR  Jon McCaslin
  • 2015 – Drinky – Tim Tamashiro
  • 2016 – This Bitter Earth – Jaclyn Guillou
  • 2017 – Keep Christmas With You – Katherine Penfold
  • 2018 – Step Up – Miles Black Quartet and David Rehorick
  • 2018 – Maybe This Christmas, Vol. 8  Various Artists (Compilation)
  • 2019 – Justin Time for Christmas, Vol. 6 – Various Artists (Compilation)
  • 2019 – Loving Memory – Gary Macdonald
  • 2021 – Live @ Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club – Joe Magnarelli and Gary Smulyan with the Tilden Webb Trio
  • 2021 – Tango-Klezmer-Jazz – Vetta Chamber Music (featuring Four Jays)
  • 2022 – Love for Connoisseurs – Angela Verbrugge
  • 2022 – Jasmine Jazz – Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble and the Jodi Proznick Trio (upcoming release)