Great music happens when the head and the feet meet in the heart.

You come out of the womb singing a song. Your heart beats the rhythm of life. Music is your birthright.

I see teaching as an extension of my artistic work. I believe that all of life is an artistic statement; the colors you choose to wear, the tone of your voice during conversation, the way you move down the street, the words you use when writing, the way you arrange your food on a plate and the artwork you create. These are all aesthetic choices and give the inner world form. Making aesthetic choices is not only about being an artist, it is about living artfully.

My role as an artist/mentor is to remind students that they are capable of great beauty. I invite them back to a way of being that values inquiry, questioning, dialogue, process, reflection, expression and artful play. When skill and knowledge are given a chance to dance with the imagination, creative work emerges. This can happen at any level and at any age.